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Welcome to Rock Creek Woods!

We are a community in Montgomery County, Maryland of 76 midcentury modern homes by architect Charles Goodman.

We have a friendly little neighborhood association... with no fees, dues, or covenants.

Rock Creek Woods is listed on the National Historic Register of Places, which makes us eligible for a 20% credit to Maryland income tax for approved projects that maintain the integrity of your home's original Goodman design. For instance, new windows can cost 20% less if we keep the same frame to glass ratio as the original design.

The National Historic Register of Places is not Historic Preservation. There are no restrictions on changes owners may want to make to their homes. Happily, those homes with additions and other architectural changes still display the essence of the Goodman aesthetic.

For most of us, Rock Creek Woods is the first place we've lived with such a strong sense of community. We are careful not to intrude, and yet support is there when needed.

Happy Summer!

What a great place to live!

Labor Day Picnic and Election of RCWCA Officers

This year, our annual Labor Day Picnic will take place on September 5, 5pm – 8pm; at the intersection of Ingersol and Spruell. Our hosts will be Luis Franco and Paola Pinto.

Come at 4:30 to help get ready for the picnic. We'll be pitching in to fire up the grills, set up tables, and organize games for the kids. Bring your favorite dishes to share; your own tables, chairs, plates and utensils, and something to drink.  Sit down and enjoy a great meal and spirited conversation!

This is also the time to elect members to our RCWCA board. Our Nominations Committee -- Melanie Harris, Myra McGovern, and John Levinson -- is preparing a slate. Contact one of them if you are interested in running.

Current officers are co-chairs Julie Marcis and Valerie Tate, secretary Betsy Binckes, and treasurer Rhonda Teranto.

House Tour -- It was grand!

The 2016 Rock Creek Woods House Tour was such fun!

Our hosts were warmly welcoming and generously shared lots of brilliant design ideas. Thank you to hosts David Roth, Andy and Suzi Schmidt, Dwight and Audrey Fincher, Motoko and Henri Lezec, Neal and Heather Cox, Valerie Tate and Gregory Arms.

Thanks to those who came out to visit, including family and friends! You took the time on a gorgeous June day -- which did get a little warm -- to make the rounds, in good humor, with lots of good questions.

A special thanks to fledging social entrepreneurs, Adele Lezec and Kendall Cox, who provided lemonade to thirsty tourists. They donated the collected funds towards purchasing digital files of original neighborhood drawings held by the Library of Congress (LOC). See the blog for more info on the LOC Charles Goodman Archives.

Finally, many thanks to our Wine & Cheese Hosts Julie and Dick Marcis. A perfect end to a perfect day.

New Neighbors Meet & Greet

A great time was had by all on the evening of March 13 at a party to welcome newer neighbors! More than 50 Rock Creek Woods adults and 17 children attended. The gathering was hosted by Valerie Tate and Gregory Arms. The kids enjoyed a movie and popcorn. The grownups enjoyed food aplenty and good company.

Open Meeting Held

Our Rock Creek Woods Civic Association Open Meeting was held on Sunday, April 10, 4:30pm – 6:00pm, at the Church.

Twenty-one neighbors attended and participated in discussing projects and volunteering to help. Input was offered and questions answered. A  sense of the community's interest in moving forward on the projects was discerned. Minutes will be sent out within a couple of days.

Postal Issues Update April 12, 2016

Those who attended the community meeting on Sunday were clear that we need an assigned letter carrier. The hope is that someone who is on the same route every day will get to know our addresses and will feel more accountable for a record of careful service. Wheaton Post Office Manager Rosie Taylor says that our route has to be placed in the bidding process. Once the process is complete and a successful bidder is assigned to the route, she will let us know the effective date of the carrier's new assignment. This could take as long as 6 weeks. So, we may have our "forever" letter carrier by Memorial Day!

Pepco Tree Trimming

Rock Creek Woods neighbors met on Tuesday, March 8, 2016, about Pepco’s tree pruning program, with Pepco Government Affairs representative Tammy Watkins and Pepco Senior Forrester Dan Landry.

Pepco presented its mandate. Neighbors addressed their concerns.

Outcomes from the meeting included:

• Pepco Senior Forrester Dan Landry offered to meet with representatives from our neighborhood, County Arborist Brett Linkletter (Chief of Tree Maintenance Section/Division of Highway Services), and Matt Young, to discuss possible coordination of replacements with what the Arbor Day Foundation calls “Right Tree in the Right Place.”
• The RCWCA will determine a course to actively petition for delay, a tree replacement program, and more careful pruning. This may take us from a meeting with the County Arborist, to Pepco leadership, to the County Council, Maryland General Assembly, and our Member of Congress.

Pepco’s website answers Frequently Asked Questions about tree trimming here.

Julie Marcis is your Rock Creek Woods Civic Association contact for our issue with Pepco over tree pruning. Please, reach out to her with your questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions. (Check the directory for contact information.)

Anatomy of a neighborhood

For your listening pleasure... here are two 6 minutes audio documentaries on Rock Creek Woods, produced, directed and narrated by our neighbor Mariann Seriff in 2011. What a wonderful gift! Enjoy!

Neighborhood Lunch Bunch

Please contact Jean Hoyt for information about our frequent Neighborhood Lunch. A local restaurant is chosen and we meet at the appointed time and place. Some friends carpool. All are welcome and folks always have a nice time. Contact Jean Hoyt. (Check the directory for contact information).

Book Club

The Book Club meetings are held at the home of Ruth Gruenberg. (Check the directory for contact information). Meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 8 pm. All are welcome.

Everything Midcentury Modern

Check out this article on Charles Goodman in Dwell Magazine .

Many of us in the neighborhood enjoy Michael Shapiro’s website at http://moderncapitaldc.com/ about everything midcentury modern, including Charles Goodman homes.

Please drive slowly!

Safety first

More and more our kids are growing and running and learning to ride bikes. All of our babies in strollers have grown into fast kids on feet and peddles. As much as we may try to keep them in our yards, they occasionally chase balls and small creatures into our neighborhood streets. As they learn to ride their bikes, they would appreciate if you would not block the sidewalks with your cars. Please drive slowly and carefully through the neighborhood to keep all our youngest safe. And if you have regular visitors who drive into the neighborhood, please remind them too. Thanks!

Original Owner Interview: Milt & Marlyn Socolar

Posted by Valerie Tate
Julie and Dick Marcis recently hosted a luncheon in April for Marlyn and Milton Socolar during which the Socolars graciously agreed to talk about their early experiences in the Rock Creek Woods community. They are original owners of a Goodman house on lower Rickover. The following is a lightly-edited transcript of our conversation with the Socolars. Dick: You were original homeowners in ...READ MORE »

Have you subscribed to the listserv?

The listserv provides an easy way to email many of the neighbors, immediately and directly. It is a great way to discuss informal and timely issues with your neighbors. It complements our neighborhood email blast, and does not replace it. It is by invitation only, and only includes the neighbors. request an invitation or ask Lester what this is all about.

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