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RCWCA Newsletter Editor:
Mariann Seriff has agreed to take back the RCW Newsletter.  Many thanks to Maggie Toscano & Tom Klein for their excellent work.

RCWCA Archivist:
POSSIBLY FILLED: Suzi Schmidt has expressed an interest in this job.  Stay tuned for details   Many thanks to Ruth Gruenberg for all her good work for all these many years.

RCWCA Photographer:  May Nakamura is retiring as our RCWCA Photographer.

When’s the last time you checked our the bulletin board?  Got a summer job? Want to offer one? One has just been posted….check it out!

Healing wishes to Kathy Waldmann who fell and dislocated her shoulder. She had surgery last month and reportedly is healing well.

Healing wishes to Joan Cadmus who fell and broke her hip.  She had surgery in early May at Holy Cross and should be home later this week.

Special Welcome to Andy & Suzi Schmidt who took ownership of the Holland House.

RCW mourns the loss of former long time neighbor and dear friend to many, Dick Pelz, who died on Dec 17th.  Our deepest sympathies to the family. Contributions can be made to CASA via http://www.casamontgomery.org A memorial service will be held in January.


From: Ruth Gruenberg
To: Our Neighbors in Rock Creek Woods
November 2013
After serving for almost 20 years as Archivist for the Rock Creek Woods Community, I believe it is time for the younger, newer generations in the community to contribute their talents in service to their neighbors.  So, as of January 1, 2014, I will be resigning so that the next Archivist can begin service in the new year.

Rock Creek Woods has had an interesting history and has developed as a unique community.  The archivist collects and stores materials and documents that illustrate the activity, events, and the history of the changes and achievements that occur over the year in our community.  For example, the material includes photo albums of our Labor Day Picnics that date back to the 1990’s as well as the data collected when this community applied for the historical district designation. 

To volunteer your effort and/or interest or for any questions, please contact any RCWCA Officer.

LABOR DAY PICNIC a great success!!
Special Thanks to:  Julie & Dick Marcis, Agnes & Sean Hogan, May & John Nakamura, Val Campbell and Rhonda Teranto for their help setting up and/or running the show!

Picnic was a great success.  Food was great.  Weather held!!  Thanks for the several extra tables that were set making it convenient for others to come who may have had difficulty getting tables and chairs to the site.  Next year we will be ISO a few good strong arms to set more tables to encourage even more folks to attend.

RCWCA Officer Elections were held.
New Officer Slate beginning January 1, 2014 is:
President:  Pati Young (2nd term); Vice President, Julies Marcis (1st term), Treasurer, Rhonda Teranto (2nd term); Secretary, Betsy Binckes (2nd term)!

May Nakamura retired as our official photographer.  We presented her with an orchid and everyone present got to sign a card for her.  Meanwhile, Holly Ketchel, Tom Waldmann and Mike Hoyt were busy taking pictures.  Stay tuned as Heather Cox adds a new feature to our web site to post these pics in a password protected area.

A SPECIAL WELCOME to the two new families who attended the Finchers & the Spencers.

View and print the latest Spring 2013 Newsletter. Check out articles on the Dogs of RCW, knowing your pet laws, meet our new canine neighbors, as well as preparing for summer outages & hurricane season along with tributes to Eleanor Foltz and Alice Holland, farewells to Kathyrn Sandberg and Mari Ellen Spicer, and a hello to Jon Dolan and Sarah Donahue, plus much more!

Special thanks to Maggie Toscano and Tom Klien for all their hard work on this issue.  View a few of our past newsletters.

RCW HOUSES sold/for sale – new neighbors have arrived! (interviews to follow)
Sandberg house bought by Dwight & Audrey Fincher
Spicer house bought by Bruce Nichols
Ferhat house bought by Nick & Sophia Spencer
Holland house bought by Andy & Suzy Schmidt
Marrogi House: to go on market soon – lots of work going on to fix it up

Mariann Seriff did a lovely audio piece on our neighborhood (two actually) that I know you all will enjoy. It features Julie, Valerie, Gregory and Claudia..
» Anatomy of a neighborhood Part 1
» Anatomy of a neighborhood Part 2

Please contact Jean Hoyt for information about our Neighborhood Lunch. As always, all are welcome and folks always have a nice time. Contact Jean Hoyt, 3922 Rickover Rd. 301-949-7356 — hoytphoto@verizon.net

More and more our kids are growing and running and learning to ride bikes. All of our babies in strollers have grown into fast kids on feet and peddles. As much as we may try to keep them in our yards, they occassionally chase balls and small creatures into our neighborhood streets. As they learn to ride their bikes, they would appreciate if you would not block the sidewalks with your cars. Please drive slowly and carefully through the neighborhood to keep all our youngest safe. And if you have regular visitors who drive into the neighborhood, please remind them too. Thanks!

The listserv provides an easy way to email many of the neighbors, immediately and directly. It is a great way to discuss informal and timely issues with your neighbors. It complements our neighborhood email blast, and does not replace it. It is by invitation only, and only includes the neighbors. » request an invitation or ask Lester what this is all about.

The Book Club meetings are always held at the home of Ruth Gruenberg (check the directory for her address and phone number). Meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 8 pm. All are welcome.

Many of us in the neighborhood enjoy Michael Shapiro’s website at http://moderncapitaldc.com/ about everything mid-century modern, including Charles Goodman homes. Not only is Michael well informed, but he is a huge fan of all Goodman neighborhoods. He has been invaluable when RCW homes go up for sale. So far he lists them at no charge. Lots of modern stores, other homes and good articles are also on the site. You might find just the piece of furniture or accessory you are looking for. Check it out.

Contact the web site manager for details. View article on Charles Goodman in Dwell Magazine .